Light and darkness

assembling a lamp 1
assembling a lamp 2
ligtht in darkness
I brought home the wooden pieces for the above lamp from Copenhagen to light up one of the dark places in the living room. My husband started right away to assemble it … and almost done, he discovered that one of the pieces was a doublet and therefore another piece was missing. I emailed the company, and they posted the missing piece right away and I could pick it up in the post office some days ago … and now it is lighting up the room when the evening gets dark :)

There was also another envelope waiting for me at the post office. I’ll show you what it was in the next post.

More corner views about light and darkness starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.

13 thoughts on “Light and darkness

  1. What a beautiful lamp! And I am sure the shadows it makes also is beautiful.

    Riktig godt nyttår Dorte! Happy new year! Looking forward to share 2014 with you!

  2. beautiful light and circles!!
    Happy 2014!!
    Sorry I thought CV starts next week, I will do a mid-week light dark post, thank you for the theme!! ♡

  3. very clever and unusual design.
    PS I know we’d said two posts, one “light” and the other “darkness”, but I decided to go for the two contrasting elements in on post – hope you don’t mind!

  4. the light is gorgeous! such a a sensuous thing! and the customer service impeccable. curious now about your other envelope. i think i can guess just a little…

    in response to your comment, i am always so pleased by your (own) hard contrasts in images, they make the experience zing, and it is personal of course. and i love it.

    happy new year to you all! n♥

  5. Very good choice, this lamp is really nice and original too. It looks like a sculpture!
    I maybe will go to Copenhagen next September… :)

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