The colors of January

We have had rain, so colors are slowly changing from brownish to more green … and it is the month when the almond trees start to bloom.

More January colors starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


14 thoughts on “The colors of January

  1. How beautiful is that, almond trees in bloom! :-)
    When I saw your new post’s title appear on my blogroll, I was curious what colour choices you’d offer. What a wonderful surprise, green and bright light.

  2. Oh wow, it even looks warm and comforting, and that in January… (Have I mentioned we’ve been thinking of relocating to Spain? Mind you, practicalities forbid us to do that just now, but the weather certainly is a plus.)

  3. a friend of mine has just moved to spain and she just showed a photo on facebook with the blossom almond tree!! i said to her: i want to come and visit you!! she is in Monda, Andalusie. And that is close at your place!! small world….

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