motion blur tree
In December the big “palo borracho/drunken tree” in town was in full bloom.  The morning I had decided to go at take some photos of it, the night before had been very windy and cold and most of flowers had blown off.

looking down
palo borracho
Anyhow, I took a some shots and a few motion blur ones too.

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10 thoughts on “Motion

  1. Amazing, beautiful series of the drunken tree!! And I`ll tell you a secret, my cosmic dance practice lately is `spinning` and I see the world like that first photo a lot lately!! So I was so happy to see the photo and felt close to it. Like Heather wrote, like being a child, spinning and looking up at the sky and just so happens one of my favourite things to do lately, shhh, don`t tell anyone!!lol♡

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