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I was in Bruxelles this past weekend. I saw the Grand Place as did a lot of other people.

But what I liked more was the visit to the Musée Hergé outside the city. I am a great fan of Tintin and I’ve wanted to visit the museum a long time. I never thought about it before, but realized that Hergé wrote the Destination Moon many years before the first moon landing a.o. Pretty visionary, I would say.

More about vision starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


16 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I love that first shot—how it looks between the two buildings! :>) The other photos are cool in that they single out one or two persons while the throng of people go past them in the background—wonderful interpretation.

  2. I love your first photo! I keep trying to remind myself to get down low to take shots in particular situations, though I’m not sure I’m agile enough to do that any longer!

  3. Very visonary, indeed! Great photos – not just for the beautiful architecture, but they are good “people watching” photos.

  4. Like a dance the way you find people in pairs and in ones, coming into vision in and out of the group!!

    PS I just made a curry soup that you posted a LONG time ago, it was strange your post just appeared on my dashboard for some reason and I clicked onto it and made the soup the other night, thanks, it was great!!! ♡

  5. I have never been to Brussels, and now I definitely need to go there! Thanks for the nice visit, and I’ll definitely pay homage to Tintin as well (some years ago I saw a fascinating documentary about hergè and tintin).

  6. What a pity I never found the time to visit Bruxelles yet! BUT: Have been to the Hergé-Museum and that was quite a wonderful trip you’re reminding me of now! :o) Already the architecture is worth a visit, not to mention the exciting exhibition!

  7. i adore the last photo! Now I want to know how you took it! To capture the standstill of the couple yet capturing the busy square of people going here and there! Amazing!

  8. okay, right. visionary and all that, hergé, yeah.
    but what the what???

    you were in my country? you were in brussels?
    you were in brussels, as i was in brussels?
    you and i may have crossed one another, on the street!
    and we never knew.

    now, that i like!
    coincidence, i love you.
    next time do, tell me!!!

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