I don’t do much travel these days. When I leave my little corner in Southern Spain it is most often to go to Copenhagen to see my kids … and grandchild, of course.

In my opinion, February is not the best month if you want to visit the city as a tourist. It is cold, and dark and wet … but if you look closely you may find signs of the changing season.

If the weather is really bad, I recommend a visit to Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art a little north of the city. The museum with its garden is always worth a visit, but right now (until beginning May) they are running a very interesting exhibition, Arab Contemporary, mixing architecture, art, photography, documentary and film. And I got a new destination for my travel wish-list … just check out this project.

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9 thoughts on “Travel

  1. I’ll probably go to Copenhagen next September. Will be the first time I go to Denmark. I’m in a hurry to be there :)

  2. February is not a great time to visit my part of the world either, unless you are in the mountains or are interested in Carnevale. I am very, very curious to visit your corner of the world. Also, my husband’s dream is to travel to Seville to find his perfect guitar. I hope he gets to fulfill that some day…when we have the time!

  3. crikeys! wadi rum! splendid, splendid architecture! it’s like ali baba’s cave, anno 2014!!!! are you heading that way or wishing you did so, for now? i think i want to go there, and i’m not really a desert person at all…

    i’ve been to humlebæk in the eighties, so glad to read it is still there and kicking. i loved it then too, a great memory you offer me here.

    little birdy tells me you will have loved that (sean penn) movie just fine, and if not, well at least it’ll sit somewhere on your brains, won’t it? don’t you think also the talking heads musical score is to die for?

  4. I didn’t realize you were a grandmother! Your photos communicate the mind of a young person. It has been so cold here in Georgia that just leaving my house is a chore right now. My poor husband has to go camping with our older boys tonight. It is going to be only 30 degrees.

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