Spring time

fresh strawberries on the kitchen table
roasting strawberries
freshly made roasted strawberries
Is also strawberries time … around here at least.

A little while ago I bought this new cookbook and the first thing I tried from it was roasted strawberries, mostly because it sounded like a strange thing to do, but the result was really  very good and I am definitely making them again.

(Should you not have heard of roasted strawberries before, just google it and you will get plenty of instructions on how to prepare them).



7 thoughts on “Spring time

  1. strawberries already? my plants aren’t even flowering yet! each year I hope to make some strawberry jam, but my kids devour them all fresh, before I can do any cooking!

  2. yum! i’ve been growing them in pots all winter long you should be able to do that too? i will definitely try roasting them. happy weekend!

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