Last week

I have been away with some photo friends on a wildlife photography trip to Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar. These two vultures (the one to the left is a Rüppel´s Vulture and very rare I was told) were posing for us for a little while before they flew into the morning mist.

I’m not really into wildlife photography, I would need lenses I’m not prepared to pay for … and patience that I don’t think I have, but it was so great to be with some experienced photographers and a very knowledgeable guide and photographer. Just have a look at his beautiful photos on Flickr.

And yesterday we were in Jerez de la Frontera
Cloud and Infra
to pick up these two little guys, chocolate labradors and 57 days old. I am quite sure they will be photographed a lot :)

6 thoughts on “Last week

  1. La foto de los buitres es maravillosa, me imagino – y tal como me contaron, que hiciste muchísimas fotografías. Y sobre la segunda, que me encanta porque refleja mucha ternura. ¿Ya tiene nombre?

  2. awwww!
    they are so handsome!! lucky you to have them!

    they faces make me think in my beloved Gumaro… he was so cute when was a puppy!
    I miss him!

  3. Sometimes making something different as the one we are used can make our photo view expland…must have been an incredible trip into Tarifa.
    Those little labradors are so so cute…

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