Ancient town

I don't know the girl
The Romans too had a good eye for where to build. This is the Baelo Claudia ruins in Tarifa, a Roman town founded in the second century BC and a municipium of Emperor Claudius.

Photographed a few weeks ago when I was on the wildlife photography trip to Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar … and as you can see I got two little birds here. The mule does not count as wildlife, but he/she caught my eye and was so much easier to get.

8 thoughts on “Ancient town

  1. This is a tiller place. Landscape very well chosen by the Romans. I like the beach on the first image. When you are in southern Spain, dogs allowed on the beach? Or they have to stay at home?

    1. in Winter time I think nobody cares, but during Summer there are suposed to be rules. I can check them if you want :)

      1. It would be nice to know if dogs are allowed. My daughter is learning Spanish and we want to make a road trip to Spain. I think not this year, but next year I can imagine it well. This is a dream of my daughter, I want to meet her happy.

  2. the roman ruins near the sea are among the most spectacular ones. i remember an amphitheater in Turkey, facing the Mediterranean, that was just gorgeous.

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