Five years and one year ago …

Five years ago I called my blog, Where is Dorte now? and back then I was a lot more out and about than today or even a year ago.

Somehow, the days are just flying and time in front of the notebook has very low priority.
infra and cloud
This June is about being with our poppies, Infra and Cloud. They are very naughty, funny and growing very fast and a lot.

flowers in a vase
a chameleon is looking
This June is also about picking the last wild flowers before the grounds are cleared for the Summer,  and of course photographing whenever I have a chance. This guy above is a close-up shot of a young chameleon looking at me from a tree branch.

More Cornerviews looking back One and Five Years starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


13 thoughts on “Five years and one year ago …

  1. elderflowers! i just discovered that you can make a delicious gooseberry and elderflowers jam – but we have no gooseberries, and our elderflower season has come and gone already. i will make strawberry and elderflower jam next year.
    have fun with the puppies!

  2. These puppies are lovely, you must have a lot of fun with them…
    You will post a picture of them in 5 years? ;)

  3. you live of course, in an exquisite surroundings, to forfeit that notebook…
    see ya on pinterest! ;))) n♥

  4. I love how your post has the feeling of being in the NOW, that most wonderful place of all!
    In a way , travelling `near` can take you `farther`(into love, connection, that kind of depth!!) than going far, which is how I feel from your photos of the the chameleon and your pups!!♡

  5. I think you’re right, time is not a priority… but beautiful photo and moments are really important ;)

  6. Viendo tu otro blog, se palpa que te encuentras en otra etapa, esta es digitalmente más rica en detalles. El tiempo pasa pero ahí quedan las instantáneas.

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