A week of colors: fern

pool turned green
spearmint along the road
fraction of fern
Our pool turned green (it is so very hot here these days and the pool has been in use … a lot) and is being nursed now.
My youngest had found wild spearmint down our road and the cactuses have just been planted around husband’s observatory as the puppies liked to snack on the agapanthus and estrelizias I had there before.
The fern is being nursed too and is in the window sill on the terrasse so high up that puppies can not get to the leaves.

Francesca is hosting a Week of Colors. Have a look at her shades of fern.

8 thoughts on “A week of colors: fern

  1. Pero lo que se ve en la primera foto es un juguete, no? Parece un tentáculo de un pulpo. Me encanta las Opuntias que habéis puesto, no sé de qué variedad se trata, lo investigaré. Y los cachorros ya no deben serlo… deben estar gigantes. Desde siempre he tenido predilección por el color verde.

    1. Sí es un juguete de los cachorros … un puercoespín verde. Se que no deben comer las plantas, pero es dificíl enseñarlos qué no porque lo hacen por la noche :(

      1. Tampoco sé cómo habría que hacer para que no se dediquen a morder las plantas. A veces parece que los perros mientras dormimos están de juerga, ^^ por eso luego se tiran todo el día dormidos al fresco.

  2. spearmint is an aggressively invasive weed around here, and i’ve tried very hard to like it, and learn to use it, but anything even remotely minty reminds me of toothpaste only! do you do anything with it?

    1. yes I like a a lot. I don’t like mint, but spearmint I use a lot like in lemonade, dips: yougurt, chopped spearmint, parsley maybe, garlic, lemon, the herb in a potato salad with red onions and capers too, in stews. Moroccon style food has a lot of spearmint and coriander :)

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