Wild carrots

queen anne's lace 1
queen anne's lace 2
queen anne's lace 3
This flower is called Queen Anne’s Lace or Wild Carrot (Daucus Carota) and it does not look this pretty in my corner of the world this time of year. They are very abundant, and I read somewhere that the root of the plant is a bit like a carrot (hence its name). However, I have not tasted them … yet.

The above pics are from a couple of months ago, but today I stumpled on this post about how to use the small seeds in the flowers.  Wow, I really have to harvest some of these flowers next year …


3 thoughts on “Wild carrots

  1. I think I have tasted Queen Anne’s Lace or is it yarrow. Can’t remember it was so long ago. Bitter from my recollection. Where I went to collage Queens Anne Lace covers the hills in the month of July!

  2. ha, this is better. images are visible. i was impatient. queen anne’s lace. such a beautiful name for such an elegant flower…

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