player flags in the wind
prayer flag in the wind
and the forecast says it is going to be very windy.

a butterfly
The prayer flags above are from the Enlightment Stupa in Benalmádena, which is right next to a butterfly park, which I visited a few weeks ago. Funny enough, yesterday I saw this post (in Spanish) about the place with a lot of wonderful photos.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. wow, a new layout!
    i like how the colors of the butterfly match those of the flags. we were supposed to have a very windy day, instead we got snow, then hail, and now wind …

  2. Wow! Gracias por enlazar nuestro blog. Me gusta mucho la segunda fotografía, es muy bella, la verdad. Y viento??? No nos hemos dado cuenta de que hace viento, jiji.

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