Weekend walk

These windmills are on a mountain called Sierra de Aguas and I can see them from home (the above photo is from a walk last summer) … and when you are flying into Málaga you know you are very close when you fly over them.

This weekend we got a closer look at the windmills on a walk up there arranged by the town hall. It was a rather grey day and raining at times, which was actually quite good for the walkning, but not for photographing.


4 thoughts on “Weekend walk

  1. Nosotros fuimos un verano o una primavera, con uno de nuestros perros de agua, el pobre le daba miendo el viento, los molinos, todo. Me encanta la primera fotografía, parece que los molinos han levantado polvo en vez de niebla.

    1. Jan y yo hemos pensado que queremos volver con los perros, pero no subiendo hasta los molinos, sino al pozo de los zapos. ¿Lo conocen?

  2. we have 3 windmills that appeared almost overnight on the top of the hill across from us (and you must guess how long it usually takes to put up anything in this country – overnight? unheard of). anyhow, we once drove by them – though they’re just across from us, it takes about 5 hours to get to them – and were astonished to see how huge those things are!

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