Cornerview: Bright

The last couple of years, the cacti (opuntia/prickly pears) in my corner of the world have been under heavy attack from the cochineal, the white stuff you can see a bit of in the photo, but it looks a lot like they are slowly disappearing. Just look at all those bright green cactus babies on this cactus.

More about bright starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo

11 thoughts on “Cornerview: Bright

  1. The Opuntia is a beautiful cacti, it’s painful to see the damaged of cochineal… Fortunately babies are there, future is guaranteed :)

  2. Cochineal is a beautiful, natural red dye. What you do is: ‘harvest’ the white stuff, freeze it, and when you have the right amount you make a dye bath, and dye yarn a gorgeous, unique red. Just an idea :)

  3. Abajo las “cochinillas”. Lo curioso Dorte es que inicialmente las chumberas se cultivaron en Canarias y nos trajimos las cochinillas para así poder fabricar el colorante. De ahi que el binomio chumberas-cochinillas van tan ligadas.

  4. gosh, i didn’t know that about harvesting, freezing and then applying it. i mean, like that. wow. the babies are a good sign though, no? n♥

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