Happy May

blooming aloe
a caterpillar
Infra and Cloud under olive trees
two bee-eaters
I did not only photograph wild flowers last month, but also my blooming aloes, a caterpillar, our blooming olive trees and several attempts at getting close to the couple of bee-eaters that have been around most of the month. My 300mm lense was not long enough or rather, I was not patient enough hiding under one of the olive trees under the wire for them to land.

5 thoughts on “Happy May

  1. never mind the lens, you succeeded in documenting a few moments from your life that reflect pure joy. it is so nice over there where you live… n♥

  2. ¡Qué bonita pareja de abejarruco! Este fin de semana estuvimos caminando por “canca”. Me gustó pero el tiempo fue más veraniego que primaveral.

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