Somewhere else


This is Setenil de las Bodegas, an Andalusian village carved in to the rocks, that I visited about a month ago with some photo friends.

This month too will take me elsewhere, that is Seville, Paris and Copenhagen :)

More about elsewhere starting at Franceca’s FuoriBorgo.

12 thoughts on “Somewhere else

  1. How it’s beautiful!!! Andalusia is a place I would like to visit one day. Many things seem to be very nice there.

  2. can i be practical and unromantic (i live on/in/under rocks too, after all)? picturesque but think of the humidity!:)
    happy travels, Dorte!

  3. I need to go south…there are so little villages to discover…
    I know from TV but in real should be so full of light!!!

  4. yes – it looks like a place with a lot of character – or you have created it with your photos! enjoy your travels. we look forward to those pictures!

  5. It is beautiful! I love the white and blue, among the rocks, and how your photos show all the amazing contours and contrasts. Happy travels!!♡

  6. happy traveling, but the way those rocks hang into my viewer’s face doesn’t look half scary… oh my! see ya later! n♥

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