bubble selfie in paris
work table lamp kph
window with lace curtain in mijas
In a previous post more than a month ago I mentioned that I was going to Paris and Copenhagen. I have been now and the top photo is taken in the courtyard of Palais Royal. If you want to see more Paris photos I posted some on my Flickr stream.

The middle photo is from Copenhagen, not that you can tell from a photo of lamp though, but it is kind of monochrome, this week’s cornerview theme. Anyhow, most of the photos I took there were of my little grandson and will not be published.

The last one is from a small pretty and touristy village, Mijas, close to my corner. They host an annual photo marathon which I participated in. One theme was Shadows and this was one of my attempts, a section of a lace curtain making shadows on the white wall.

More cornerviews starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


8 thoughts on “Monochrome

  1. I remember Mijas for the “burrotaxis” so long ago..when I was a child. Never returned to that area…always go north ;)

  2. nice image, 1. and i love the artwork in image 2, behind the lamp. is it private, or can you spill the beans on who made this? n♥

    1. and i am loving your paris images so. love all the people on it too! i should make time to see more of your photos on flickr, you have such alluring albums. x n♥

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