window with tulips
rhododendron in bloom
or window sill (don’t know if both are correct). I think all homes in Denmark have windows with indoor window sills. I don’t have them in my home in Spain and sometimes I miss having a place to put stuff, like pretty flowers in a vase or a candle light.

The pics above are from my visit end of May. Tomorrow I am flying up there again for a short visit.

3 thoughts on “Windowsill

  1. that above what my thought exactly: in spain you need to be able to open the windows more! i do actually have window sills (windowsills? i don’t know either), and will make sure to have vases with flowers there in the winter, when I don’t open the windows as much, of course :)

  2. Nosotros tenemos cactus en el poyete de la ventana, pero si que es cierto que mucha gente no tienen nada puesto e incluso las persianas siempre bajadas.

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