Hello there

goat family
These goats live in the Lobo Park (wolves park) that we first visited some time ago. We have been visiting a couple of times since then, not to see the wolves, but to learn about dog behaviour and education.

chasing birds
saluting goats
brave cloud
infra relax
Our two dogs are siblings, born the same day, and they are really close, but at the same time with totally different tempers. Infra is the brave and bold and fast, Cloud timid and careful and not so fast. Therefor we have been in doubt how best to educate them for the benefit of both of them.
We are learning a lot and are confident that our dogs will benefit from it.


Cornerview: Imagination


Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination 
will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein

I can’t imagine how or why this train ended up where it did. Where, is somewhere in the outskirts of Marbella. I photographed it because I went there with some photographer friends who right away imagined coming back at night time to take more imaginative photographs of it.

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Cornerview: Something difficult

At the moment I am into low light photography, that is, learning … The above photos are rather extreme low light or at least that was what we were attempting to achieve last night. No moon and  a clear sky.

One thing is that it may seem difficult to acquire the technique to photograph darkness, but what is also really difficult is to find a dark place to practice.

The above photos are from last night not far from home. On the first photo the light pollution comes from the Costa del Sol about 60 km away. On the last photo the lights at the bottom are from a windmill park in the opposite direction of the first photo.

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