not a cloud
This a a blue sky with no clouds. The white stuff up there is smoke. Looks pretty, but for contrast the sound was horrific.

This man was lighting noisy fireworks with regular intervals Sunday morning, I guess to let people know that they should be ready for the annual pilgrimage to escort the patron of the town back to her sanctuary.

el trono de la virgen
while a group of men were dressing the cart with flowers and ribbons.

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motion blur tree
In December the big “palo borracho/drunken tree” in town was in full bloom.  The morning I had decided to go at take some photos of it, the night before had been very windy and cold and most of flowers had blown off.

looking down
palo borracho
Anyhow, I took a some shots and a few motion blur ones too.

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In town

debajo del toldo
tinto verano y ensalada rusa
capers bush on a wall
just for a walk, taking photographs and having a tapas and a tinto verano.

These pics were taken two months ago already and I realize that I don’t bring my camera with me to town very often anymore. I want to change this.

A few weeks ago I installed Adobe Lightroom and oh, I’m so pleased with this programme as I can now organize and sort my photos … and find them again and make most of the edits in there too. This is how I came across the above three pics from my town.