Tourist in Copenhagen

Even though I am born in Copenhagen and lived there for several years, I was more than 20 before I saw The Little Mermaid many many years ago.

This month was the first time I climbed the spire of the Church of Our Saviour. It was worth it. The morning was pretty and sunny and the view was spectacular.


Looking for information about the church on Wikipedia, I learned that Axel, a character from Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth, was made to climb the spire for five consecutive days by his uncle to cure him of his Acrophobia before their descent into the volcano.

I still have four climbs to do then :)

Ancient town

I don't know the girl
The Romans too had a good eye for where to build. This is the Baelo Claudia ruins in Tarifa, a Roman town founded in the second century BC and a municipium of Emperor Claudius.

Photographed a few weeks ago when I was on the wildlife photography trip to Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar … and as you can see I got two little birds here. The mule does not count as wildlife, but he/she caught my eye and was so much easier to get.

Sacred places

the tower
Above you see the tower of a church, Iglesía de los Santos Mártires, in the historic centre of Málaga. The redness of its bricks always catches my eye … and I have taken many photos of the building from the outside (it’s kind of a challenge to get a good photo of it as the streets surrounding it are so narrow so that you can only look up or into it’s walls.

ceiling 2
the door 3
It never occured to me to go inside the building before some weeks ago when I were in Málaga again with some photographer friends and they wanted to see it from the inside (I am not really into churches), but wow, it’s ceiling is really beautiful.

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