Roses and abstract nature

This is a photo taken almost 2 years ago in a little village not far from home and it is on my flickr stream.

Once in a while I check the links to people who have liked or favourited my pics and who are not my contacts. So a few days ago my roses were favourited by Yang Yang Pan, and I look her up to see if she is real, and oh yes, she is an artist … born in China and now living in Canada. I cannot access her website as I write this post so check her Etsy store (it has a link to her site as I guess it is just down temporarily). She makes lovely cool stuff.

In Málaga

Museo Jorge Rando
Last week I stumpled on a new museum, the Museum Jorge Rando in Málaga. It is just outside the historical center of the city and houses the work of the artist Jorge Rando who is born in Málaga.  I had not heard about this artist before, but wow, I like his work.

I did not take many photos there and the ones I took did not come out very well, but click on the link above to the museum’s site and have a look.

Building site in disguise

kongens nytorv metro 4
kongens nytorv metro 3
kongens nytorv metro 2
kongens nytorv metro 1
These photos were taken last week on Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen. You can read more about the fence project and this pixel art installion here .

The construction of the Metro has been going on for ages (or this is how it feels at least), so if you are planning to visit, be careful choosing where to stay. The noise, the mess and the traffic are not pleasant factors despite the efforts to beautify it. In 2018 the plan is it will look like this.

Am I an artist

The cornerview theme this week is the above question … and no, I am not an artist, but below is a photo of one, a local singer Miguel Vergara “El Pibri” from when he was performing at a local show a few weeks ago in favor of the victims of the flood.

It was a really good and entertaining show with songs from the 70s and 80s, that is, songs that were popular in Spain at that time. Not many were the same as we listened to in Denmark at that time.

I found several youtube videos with El Pibri and if you like flamenco and would like to hear how it is performed around here you should listen to this one.

More about who are artists or not starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.

Street art

in the town where I live. These artists were on their 3rd day of a three weeks landscape painting course … mornings in town, afternoons in the countryside. Made me think that I would like to try this one of these days.

Have a great weekend.

A street in Álora

and it’s going down … or up if your are going the opposite way. In 1889 there was a Danish painter J.F. Willumsen visiting this town and he painted this street because he was very fascinated by the hilly streets here. You can see a photo of the painting ”Gade gående nedad” here.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.