Spring time

fresh strawberries on the kitchen table
roasting strawberries
freshly made roasted strawberries
Is also strawberries time … around here at least.

A little while ago I bought this new cookbook and the first thing I tried from it was roasted strawberries, mostly because it sounded like a strange thing to do, but the result was really  very good and I am definitely making them again.

(Should you not have heard of roasted strawberries before, just google it and you will get plenty of instructions on how to prepare them).



dorada facing left
dorada facing right
is not only on Fridays in our house. The Dorada (gilt-head bream) is our favorite, and baked in salt is the best.

Yesterday I had a very quiet day … most of it in bed trying to get rid of a really irritating cold my husband had managed to pass on to me. So I spent time surfing with my new tablet and listening to some really inspiring TED talks too.

Below is one of the ones I listened to: the NY chef Dan Barber on How I fell in love with a fish. He is talking about the Dorada. And not just any Dorada. Have a watch/listen. It’s really good.

Have a great weekend.

Yum yum yum

Saturday morning I was at a sushi workshop. I used to say that sushi is a dish I prefer to eat out, but there are not that many places around here where you can get sushi, so when I saw that Pepe’s Kitchen was offering this workshop I signed up for it.

It was very informative, and well, I was also quite happy with my result which you can see on the last pic. And the best part, they tasted very good.
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A kind of squash

I bought a couple of this funny looking squash the other day at the organic market that takes place every weekend in different towns in the valley area where I live. I forgot the exact name of it, but they told me that I had to use fill it and bake it. So I did, but I didn’t have a recipe and the result was not too successful.

I made the filling with some cooked quinoua, garlic, onion, wallnuts green peber and basil leaves and chilies. I also added some egg mixed with yogurt and cheddar cheese and then baked it. However, it did not have very much taste. Do you have a good recipe for stuffed squash?

For the coffee we had something very tasty … and sweet. In the morning I had just been to the postoffice to pick up a parcel from RosaMaría. In was two lovely colorful mini quilts and also some yummi caramels. Thank you so much RosaMaría.

More cornerviews about vegetables starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.