Tourist in Copenhagen

Even though I am born in Copenhagen and lived there for several years, I was more than 20 before I saw The Little Mermaid many many years ago.

This month was the first time I climbed the spire of the Church of Our Saviour. It was worth it. The morning was pretty and sunny and the view was spectacular.


Looking for information about the church on Wikipedia, I learned that Axel, a character from Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth, was made to climb the spire for five consecutive days by his uncle to cure him of his Acrophobia before their descent into the volcano.

I still have four climbs to do then :)


window with tulips
rhododendron in bloom
or window sill (don’t know if both are correct). I think all homes in Denmark have windows with indoor window sills. I don’t have them in my home in Spain and sometimes I miss having a place to put stuff, like pretty flowers in a vase or a candle light.

The pics above are from my visit end of May. Tomorrow I am flying up there again for a short visit.

Copenhagen in March

candlelight on a table
kongens have in bw
rosenborg slot
I was warned that I would be welcomed home by rain and more rain … that is not so bad actually as I could then spend time indoors going though the photos from last week. Except the first one, these are from a walk in my favourite park, the King’s Garden / Rosenborg Castle Gardens.