dahlia II
balloons on the door
August has become THE month of birthdays, well my grandson turned 2 and the day after, his little sister was born and then the next day again my (husband’s) grandson turned 1. It is just so practical when you have to travel far to celebrate :)

Oh, and the other day it was my birthday as well, but I am not that into celebrating it.

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bubble selfie in paris
work table lamp kph
window with lace curtain in mijas
In a previous post more than a month ago I mentioned that I was going to Paris and Copenhagen. I have been now and the top photo is taken in the courtyard of Palais Royal. If you want to see more Paris photos I posted some on my Flickr stream.

The middle photo is from Copenhagen, not that you can tell from a photo of lamp though, but it is kind of monochrome, this week’s cornerview theme. Anyhow, most of the photos I took there were of my little grandson and will not be published.

The last one is from a small pretty and touristy village, Mijas, close to my corner. They host an annual photo marathon which I participated in. One theme was Shadows and this was one of my attempts, a section of a lace curtain making shadows on the white wall.

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Cornerview: Mix & match

my flower meadow
I have been taking tonnes of photographs of wild flowers this month … they are everywhere and in abundance. I like the mix and match effect of this double-expore from the piece of meadow that you can also see on the first photo in my previous post.

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