Hello there

goat family
These goats live in the Lobo Park (wolves park) that we first visited some time ago. We have been visiting a couple of times since then, not to see the wolves, but to learn about dog behaviour and education.

chasing birds
saluting goats
brave cloud
infra relax
Our two dogs are siblings, born the same day, and they are really close, but at the same time with totally different tempers. Infra is the brave and bold and fast, Cloud timid and careful and not so fast. Therefor we have been in doubt how best to educate them for the benefit of both of them.
We are learning a lot and are confident that our dogs will benefit from it.

Last week

I have been away with some photo friends on a wildlife photography trip to Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar. These two vultures (the one to the left is a Rüppel´s Vulture and very rare I was told) were posing for us for a little while before they flew into the morning mist.

I’m not really into wildlife photography, I would need lenses I’m not prepared to pay for … and patience that I don’t think I have, but it was so great to be with some experienced photographers and a very knowledgeable guide and photographer. Just have a look at his beautiful photos on Flickr.

And yesterday we were in Jerez de la Frontera
Cloud and Infra
to pick up these two little guys, chocolate labradors and 57 days old. I am quite sure they will be photographed a lot :)


afternoon sun over el chorro
No, we don’t have horses, but we had two lovely dogs until about half a year ago.

They were very lovely in our eyes, but sadly they became the menace of the mountain the year they lived with us as they managed to kill at least two dogs and a cat. The thought of what could happen next, that they were not young dogs anymore and that we did not want to keep them chained or locked up and asking the vet for advice brought us to the decision to have them euthanized. It was oh so tough.

We think we will have dogs again, but we will wait until Spring … and we are going the get puppies next time.

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Where to … here to

naoko looking through jack's legs
jack with his feet inside the door
our dogs do not come into the house. Somehow they just know that they have to stay on the outer side of the door (probably their previous owners taught them this), but Jack thinks that when he lies down then it is quite ok the stretch his feet (ok, paws) further and further inside. This happens especially when it’s about their meal time and he can hear me in the kitchen.

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They have been with us now for a little more than six months … I think they have settled in.
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