bruxelles 1
grand place - bruxelles 2
grand place - bruxelles 3
grand place - bruxelles 4
I was in Bruxelles this past weekend. I saw the Grand Place as did a lot of other people.

But what I liked more was the visit to the Musée Hergé outside the city. I am a great fan of Tintin and I’ve wanted to visit the museum a long time. I never thought about it before, but realized that Hergé wrote the Destination Moon many years before the first moon landing a.o. Pretty visionary, I would say.

More about vision starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.

No, no

facade with words: alderstroest
lamp in paludan
autumn tree
simon and felix in paludan
I was not in Copenhagen this weekend. I was home … cleaning and painting house.
The photos here and the one in the previous post, though, were taken there a few weeks ago.