dahlia II
balloons on the door
August has become THE month of birthdays, well my grandson turned 2 and the day after, his little sister was born and then the next day again my (husband’s) grandson turned 1. It is just so practical when you have to travel far to celebrate :)

Oh, and the other day it was my birthday as well, but I am not that into celebrating it.

More corner views about celebration starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo


window with tulips
rhododendron in bloom
or window sill (don’t know if both are correct). I think all homes in Denmark have windows with indoor window sills. I don’t have them in my home in Spain and sometimes I miss having a place to put stuff, like pretty flowers in a vase or a candle light.

The pics above are from my visit end of May. Tomorrow I am flying up there again for a short visit.