I have some pots with different chilies and I’m beginning to to pick them now. The above ones are serrano chilies and I think they are supposed to be hot, but they are not.

I also have jalapeño chilies, which I have already picked and pickled. They are not hot either, but then they are not supposed to be hot. Then I have anaheim chilies, not supposed to be hot either, and they are not, and then I have thai chilies which are supposed to be hot … and they are not. I am beginning to think it is a bit strange.

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I have a lot of tiny dark purple figs on my tree right now.

So far, I have made this cake with them, I have spiced them up like this and we have had them on a pizza with fresh goats cheese too. All really yummy.

Think there will be enough figs left to make a glass of jam too.

Spring time

fresh strawberries on the kitchen table
roasting strawberries
freshly made roasted strawberries
Is also strawberries time … around here at least.

A little while ago I bought this new cookbook and the first thing I tried from it was roasted strawberries, mostly because it sounded like a strange thing to do, but the result was really  very good and I am definitely making them again.

(Should you not have heard of roasted strawberries before, just google it and you will get plenty of instructions on how to prepare them).


What I ate

cod roe trousers
wood sorrel (I think)
cod roe sandwich
when I were in Copenhagen.

It is season for cod roe, yum, and it looks like the green leaves (wikipedia tells me they could be called wood sorrel in English) are used very much these days to give taste to salads and sauces a.o.

cake and coffee
and much too much cake. The one above was a delicious raspberries pie.