Happy May

blooming aloe
a caterpillar
Infra and Cloud under olive trees
two bee-eaters
I did not only photograph wild flowers last month, but also my blooming aloes, a caterpillar, our blooming olive trees and several attempts at getting close to the couple of bee-eaters that have been around most of the month. My 300mm lense was not long enough or rather, I was not patient enough hiding under one of the olive trees under the wire for them to land.


I have some pots with different chilies and I’m beginning to to pick them now. The above ones are serrano chilies and I think they are supposed to be hot, but they are not.

I also have jalapeño chilies, which I have already picked and pickled. They are not hot either, but then they are not supposed to be hot. Then I have anaheim chilies, not supposed to be hot either, and they are not, and then I have thai chilies which are supposed to be hot … and they are not. I am beginning to think it is a bit strange.

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Wild carrots

queen anne's lace 1
queen anne's lace 2
queen anne's lace 3
This flower is called Queen Anne’s Lace or Wild Carrot (Daucus Carota) and it does not look this pretty in my corner of the world this time of year. They are very abundant, and I read somewhere that the root of the plant is a bit like a carrot (hence its name). However, I have not tasted them … yet.

The above pics are from a couple of months ago, but today I stumpled on this post about how to use the small seeds in the flowers.  Wow, I really have to harvest some of these flowers next year …