I have some pots with different chilies and I’m beginning to to pick them now. The above ones are serrano chilies and I think they are supposed to be hot, but they are not.

I also have jalapeño chilies, which I have already picked and pickled. They are not hot either, but then they are not supposed to be hot. Then I have anaheim chilies, not supposed to be hot either, and they are not, and then I have thai chilies which are supposed to be hot … and they are not. I am beginning to think it is a bit strange.

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More pretty edible

There is a fig tree in my garden and I have just detected its first figs. In pots we have various kinds of chilies and we are also trying to grow tomatillos and physalis as these are thing that are difficult to find in shops here. The grape vine will hopefully provide nice grapes and shade … in a couple of years.

Have a lovely weekend.


These photos are from January when we just got the licence to burn … around here we are allowed only to burn from October to end of April and you need a special permission from the forrest department.

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