A new year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you enjoyed the break.

The past year I really had a feeling that I did not really get to photograph, but then when I go through my archives I can see that I have saved almost 4000 pics.

The thing is that many, many of the them are like the ones above. Pics of our home improvement projects … mess, dust, bricks, rocks, tools and so on … and yes, they will be nice to look at in a couple of years when we have recovered from the mess and want to see how it once looked.

Of the 4000 pics another big part are of my little grandson who was born in August. They will be saved for the family album of course. And since he will be coming to Spain with his parents in a couple of days, more pics of this kind will be taken :)


view towards el torcal
the stairs
me in the mirror
not my thing … I prefer to photograph other people, known or unknown to me and the things I do, see or like in my daily life.

So, on the first pic you can see how beautiful the mountain across the valley looks right now, on the second, the newly tiled staircase and the walls that I will paint (white) soon. On the last one, a mirror (part of the old bathroom furniture) waiting to be collected … and a little bit of me on too.

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winebarrels and blurred jan
the whole in a wine barrel
winebarrels with flowers
winebarrels with a mess
No, we did not drink the wine from these barrels. We got them when they were empty.

One of them we cut in half and planted one of the halves with a lime tree, the other with a mandarine tree and some succulents to cover the earth. The pink flower is the succulent that is blooming now.

We haven’t decided yet what to use the rest of the barrels for. Ideas are very welcome :)

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Last, but not least

laying stones 1
Discussing how to attack the last, but not least important part of the paving …

laying stones 2
laying stones 3
These pics are taken end of August. The paving is finished, but no photos of the completed work yet. It looks very nice though, but it is so messy with a lot of building material for the other improvement projects still going on.

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September gone

red bricks with holes in
it is messy around here
red bricks with holes in
It’s messy around here.

Since I came back from Copenhagen we have been into home improvement projects. The walls and the roof have been isolated with tiny little plastic balls to (hopefully) make it warmer indoors in winter. We are also having our bathroom and bedroom and staircase made over.

The plan is to be done with these works in a month’s time. Then we only have one big project left indoors, which is the basement that we would like to make more habitable (part of it was the garage before).

So this is what has kept me busy and away from the pc in September.