Spring time

fresh strawberries on the kitchen table
roasting strawberries
freshly made roasted strawberries
Is also strawberries time … around here at least.

A little while ago I bought this new cookbook and the first thing I tried from it was roasted strawberries, mostly because it sounded like a strange thing to do, but the result was really  very good and I am definitely making them again.

(Should you not have heard of roasted strawberries before, just google it and you will get plenty of instructions on how to prepare them).


Sweets experiment

white chocolate
almond w white chocolate
Above you see the result of my latest food experiment. Almonds covered with white chocolate (mixed with a bit of grated lemon zest) and rolled in licorice root powder. They were very nice. I made them for one of the Christmas days, so it is already quite some time ago. Hmm, time to think up new food experiments as it makes cooking more fun, I think.

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We are in the process of changing our kitchen … and I hope it is more than a dream that we will have it ready before Christmas. These days we have a mason doing the walls and somehow this involves most of our downstairs space with bags of cement and tools and dust etc. and not so much for me to do … except giving me a good excuse to go dreaming about all nice stuff I saw on Etsy today.

1: Texturized Sterling Silver Earrings from mariagotijoyas
2: Round bubble ring by The Angry Weather
3: Simple but beautiful earrings from deLcobrestudio
4: Golden Love Band from katjajesek
5: 3 organic rings from Petaluda
6: Rose quartz ring from Naventin
7: Red triple wrapped leather bracelet from TyssHandmadeJewelry
8: Silver and Wood Rings from the Ring Tree
9: Emerald Green Dahlia Blossoms earrings from floria

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K is for Kitchen

The light is not the best in my kitchen and I don’t have many photos of it. I took this photo though while wating for this chicken dish with coriander seeds, turmeric, lemongrass, garlic  to finish cooking.

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