In Málaga

Museo Jorge Rando
Last week I stumpled on a new museum, the Museum Jorge Rando in Málaga. It is just outside the historical center of the city and houses the work of the artist Jorge Rando who is born in Málaga.  I had not heard about this artist before, but wow, I like his work.

I did not take many photos there and the ones I took did not come out very well, but click on the link above to the museum’s site and have a look.

More red

This weekend I visited Alcazaba of Málaga. It is right in the center on a hill overlooking the city and the harbour.

Never thought of visiting before, but I’m sure I will go again. The view is wonderful and the yards and plants are lovely. There were red begonias like the ones above everywhere.

Maybe I’ll show you some more photos later.

In the park

by the port in Málaga Saturday morning. I really like the red leaves, especially when a few rays of sun reach them through the palm trees.

And I had time to play with low shutter speed and motion blur. It could be addictive.