I did not know that there were several kinds of twilight before I got interested in night photography.

full moon over the bridge

This is the full moon over the Oresund bridge on 2nd July in nautical twilight and it was as dark as it got that night.

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End of the red chair

the red chair
the red chair
The red chair that always catches my eye when I am out walking,

end of red chair
and look, the condition it is in now.


moon over cactus
lemons on trees

It has been lovely sunny and warm the last few weeks. The weather man is not that positive about the coming week though. Oh well, rain is ok too, at least around here.

Happy weekend …

Weekend walk

These windmills are on a mountain called Sierra de Aguas and I can see them from home (the above photo is from a walk last summer) … and when you are flying into Málaga you know you are very close when you fly over them.

This weekend we got a closer look at the windmills on a walk up there arranged by the town hall. It was a rather grey day and raining at times, which was actually quite good for the walkning, but not for photographing.


cruz del hacho
touching a plant
tiny succulents
photographing the rock
The mountain overlooking my town is called El Hacho, I don’t think this mountain is of special geological interest as many rocks and mountains are around here, but it has its cross on its top and some pretty plants if you look closely.

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