Cornerview: Bright

The last couple of years, the cacti (opuntia/prickly pears) in my corner of the world have been under heavy attack from the cochineal, the white stuff you can see a bit of in the photo, but it looks a lot like they are slowly disappearing. Just look at all those bright green cactus babies on this cactus.

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Peeping bird

This little bird has been peeping through my window for quite a lot of days now. I thought her plan was to check out if it was a good spot to build a nest, but so far it does not seem to be the case. It does look as though she likes to pick tiny holes in my colorful succulent you can see in the background.


red hair
According to Wikipedia this is not hair, but a parasitic plant called hellweed. I have plenty of it in my garden.

According to the camera of my daughter this is how my hair looks like.

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Pretty edible

Sprouting red cabbage and pickling capers. I have had something pretty to look at in my kitchen.

Last summer I discovered (a little late) that I had a caper bush thanks to Francesca’s post so this year I have been picking the flower buds as soon as they started to appear which was a couple of weeks ago. Some of the caper flowers started to bloom while soaking.

Now I will use the sprouts for a salat … the capers can wait in the fridge. Do you like capers and what do you use them for?

Enjoy your weekend.