window with tulips
rhododendron in bloom
or window sill (don’t know if both are correct). I think all homes in Denmark have windows with indoor window sills. I don’t have them in my home in Spain and sometimes I miss having a place to put stuff, like pretty flowers in a vase or a candle light.

The pics above are from my visit end of May. Tomorrow I am flying up there again for a short visit.

Happy May

blooming aloe
a caterpillar
Infra and Cloud under olive trees
two bee-eaters
I did not only photograph wild flowers last month, but also my blooming aloes, a caterpillar, our blooming olive trees and several attempts at getting close to the couple of bee-eaters that have been around most of the month. My 300mm lense was not long enough or rather, I was not patient enough hiding under one of the olive trees under the wire for them to land.

Cornerview: Mix & match

my flower meadow
I have been taking tonnes of photographs of wild flowers this month … they are everywhere and in abundance. I like the mix and match effect of this double-expore from the piece of meadow that you can also see on the first photo in my previous post.

More mix & matches starting at Francesca’s Fuoriborgo.