In town

debajo del toldo
tinto verano y ensalada rusa
capers bush on a wall
just for a walk, taking photographs and having a tapas and a tinto verano.

These pics were taken two months ago already and I realize that I don’t bring my camera with me to town very often anymore. I want to change this.

A few weeks ago I installed Adobe Lightroom and oh, I’m so pleased with this programme as I can now organize and sort my photos … and find them again and make most of the edits in there too. This is how I came across the above three pics from my town.

Building site in disguise

kongens nytorv metro 4
kongens nytorv metro 3
kongens nytorv metro 2
kongens nytorv metro 1
These photos were taken last week on Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen. You can read more about the fence project and this pixel art installion here .

The construction of the Metro has been going on for ages (or this is how it feels at least), so if you are planning to visit, be careful choosing where to stay. The noise, the mess and the traffic are not pleasant factors despite the efforts to beautify it. In 2018 the plan is it will look like this.