Hello again

DSC_5451 DSC_5470 DSC_5482 and happy 2015. Puppies have grown and the almond trees are almost blooming. The ones you see here are from a tiny tree that always starts like a week before the other trees. It has been cold the last days and we could spot snow on the highest mountains.


I don’t do much travel these days. When I leave my little corner in Southern Spain it is most often to go to Copenhagen to see my kids … and grandchild, of course.

In my opinion, February is not the best month if you want to visit the city as a tourist. It is cold, and dark and wet … but if you look closely you may find signs of the changing season.

If the weather is really bad, I recommend a visit to Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art a little north of the city. The museum with its garden is always worth a visit, but right now (until beginning May) they are running a very interesting exhibition, Arab Contemporary, mixing architecture, art, photography, documentary and film. And I got a new destination for my travel wish-list … just check out this project.

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What I ate

cod roe trousers
wood sorrel (I think)
cod roe sandwich
when I were in Copenhagen.

It is season for cod roe, yum, and it looks like the green leaves (wikipedia tells me they could be called wood sorrel in English) are used very much these days to give taste to salads and sauces a.o.

cake and coffee
and much too much cake. The one above was a delicious raspberries pie.


motion blur tree
In December the big “palo borracho/drunken tree” in town was in full bloom.  The morning I had decided to go at take some photos of it, the night before had been very windy and cold and most of flowers had blown off.

looking down
palo borracho
Anyhow, I took a some shots and a few motion blur ones too.

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